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I want to thank all of the people involved in airing this show. My son is a heroin addict very much like the young people featured in the kcts report. The last two years have been incredibly heart breaking and led our family down a road we never expected to go. I was completely blind sided by my son's addiction, so my own learning curve is steep and ongoing.

I am thankful for the show because Alanon and Naranon meetings have been the only places, so far, where I have felt safe to deal with the reality I face. This problem HAS to be brought out into the open, because so much of our community is involved: My son did start with oxycontin from a friends' parents' medicine cabinet . I may teach the children of his drug supplier. I meet many mothers from all parts of our city who struggle every day to have enough strength to walk the narrow line between overwhelming love, and the hell of enabling. They struggle to keep shame, fear, and guilt from eating them alive.

We have lost our children, some are still alive, and some are not.

And today I find, from the comments, that there is a whole community of other people forced to feel shame when they seek pain treatment.

I hope we can all come up with safeguards for both groups. How about lock boxes in every house for the short term?


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