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Here, here!
I work with people with pain everyday. Some people have situational pain which usually resolves in fairly short periods of time and others have chronic pain, often daily, with "good" and "bad" days. I hear stories of the difficulties they face when trying to get appropriate treatment for their conditions.
I second the concerns of S. Wilcox and although I feel the measures stated on your program are valid and worthy I can see how they could also impact the people who rely on their pain management to have as functional a life as they possibly can.
While there are many contributing factors to this whole issue and alot of "fall-out" around it, I feel the very core of this issue is ADDICTION and how to help the addict and the underlying causes of addiction.
PLEASE make sure of the distinctions between "valid" perscription users and people with the unfortunate disease of drug addiction and PLEASE apply the guidelines and assistance accordingly.


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