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The jump in prescribing opioids stemmed from our OWN health organizations advising doctors to prescribe pain medication, yet now the government is punishing the doctors whom did just that. Logically we will inevitably end up back where were, with a vastly untreated "public health" issue that is life threatening, causing great distress on Washington's citizens, families, economy, and more. There must be a solution that both allows honest and adherent chronic pain sufferers to access care but also lessen abuse, otherwise the medical community is failing to uphold its central purpose: provide care.

PBS, please offer more information on what has been said in these comments about a balanced approach to this issue, as you also have a responsibility to the public, and now, to the chronic pain community to show their side of this experience too. How do these regulations affect them, their doctors, their health? How far do they travel to see doctors or specialists? Have pharmacies rejected their prescriptions? What extra costs do they incur just to prove they are legitimate patients over and over(which I doubt is forced on Diabetics or Cancer Patients)? Are they treated as if they have committed crimes when they have not? Ask them about the prejudices they face, just like the judgement we see shown on this program. Ask them how they feel about your program.


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