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There is a glaring lack of balance in reporting on prescription pain medications, and sadly PBS is guilty of this as well. The media has a responsibly to report all sides of a social issue to the public, and this biased reporting has only showcased the negative consequences from the MISUSE of these medications. These medications make lifesaving surgeries possible and make life livable for millions who would otherwise probably choose death without them.

And all the while, many patients are turned away because Washington's doctors/clinics are frightened by this condemnation of treating pain, and many other patients do not seek treatment at all because of this type of fear mongering. Fear mongering which is unnecessary when doctors, pharmacists, and therapists are able to do their jobs. And it is a doctor's decision to choose whether or not the risks outweigh the benefits to the patient. Period.

People's lives are at stake: not just the lives of those who abuse, but the lives worth living of those who take these treatments 100% legally and appropriately. They should not be punished; they should not suffer further.

I await a report on the positive effect these medications have. I look forward to seeing more on PBS about the chronic pain community, our very few Pain Management Specialists here in Washington, and the people who suffer every day with debilitating pain and the prejudice against our disorders and treatments.


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