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The emotional response to this documentary is palpable. Narcotics are addictive. Over time the need to increase the dose to acquire the desired result occurs and that may lead to an overdose when the dose reaches toxic levels. The ER's of this country are filled daily with drug seekers who will do anything to get their hands on their drug of choice. Dr Offices are filled with drug seekers who also will do anything to get their drug of choice. For example a patient will go to multiple MD's using their married name at one office and their maiden name at another office while having their prescriptions filled at multiple pharmicies to avoid detection. This practice is common and illegal.
Those who need the narcotics should get them and be monitored by their prescribibg MD. Those who abuse the narcotics should safely be withdrawn from the narcotics and monitored. Washington state will be implimenting a computer based narcotic data base so that when a patient is prescribed a narcotic the MD and dispensing pharmacist can monitor useage and frequency of prescriptions. This database will be available to all Liscenced practioners and hopefully decrease the over prescribing and abuse of narcotics.
It is unfortunate that such actions must be taken. However the problem of prescription drug abuse has become too large to be ignored.Sould this program save the life of one person then clearly it is justified.


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