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This show is misnamed. It is not about opiates that have been prescribed. It is about opiates that have been diverted. Dr. Orr's loss is a horrible one. No parent should have to go through such a horrible loss. However, Dr. Orr admits that her son's drugs that he took were not prescribed to him. In addition, it is unlikely that any licensed physician would prescribe such a med by telling the patient to crush the med up and inject it. The fact is that Dr. Orr's son died from diverted drugs, not drugs that were prescribed to him. It is not prescription drug abuse. It is diversion.....and that includes people sharing their meds with friends and family. I do not mean to dismiss Dr. Orr's grief but I view it as being misdirected. Furthermore, her grief is being used as fuel to promote the increasing political regulatory hysteria against legitimate chronic pain patients and legitimate chronic pain management providers. I am fully aware of personal loss and what it does to one's life. My father murdered my mother and then committed suicide. Yet I fully painfully accept and know that only my father's finger was on the trigger. I did not go after the gun company. I did not go after the company that made the bullets. I faced the cold brute fact as it was. Dr. Orr's son had his hand on the needle of diverted, not prescribed drugs. The problem is diversion. And yes diversion needs to be countered as much as possible.....lockboxes, good custodial care of meds, etc.


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