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MAYBE we need to look at HOW we are parenting our children. The "Old School, My-Way-Or-The-Highway" approach has failed us, drastically. If we, as parents reflect and look inward then we may find the answers as to "why" our children "need" to look toward "drugs" to ease their "pain." Remember, psychological pain is still pain and usually with heroine addicts they are trying to block that emotional, psychological pain. Now, with all of these "controls" being placed upon legal, legitimate, physical pain, the DEA and our FEDERAL "government" are PUSHING people to self treat their PHYSICAL pain with street drugs, such as heroine. I'm finding that it is cheaper and almost EASIER to get than a legal prescription from a medical professional. I cannot begin to imagine the loss of a child and my prayers go out to anyone who has lost anyone for any reason BUT we must ask ourselves; "Why did they feel they needed to turn to illegal drugs" and "what can I do for my future children/grand children so that THEY won't feel the need to go that direction as well." Just my opinion from life experiences (I have known two people who have over-dosed on this horrific drug and both were self medicating their psychological pain inflicted (unintentionally of course!!!) by their parents.


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