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PROP are idiots, their concern is to limit opioid use for patients that really need them. It is totally unfair for patients that take their meds responsibly.
Who are they to claim they know so much about chronic pain? Do they have a chronic pain disease? NO, but I will say Karma is a powerful thing, Watch out Doc's or you will be the ones needing those meds one day..You are cutting your own throats here.
I suffer from an intractable chronic pain disease, which there is no cure, or treatment..I have tried all kinds of different therapy's and procedures to end up with no relief..My only relief is my Opioids..I have been suffering for 7 yrs now..The opioids do not get rid of all the pain, but they do help me live a some what kind of life..If it were not for these drugs, I would be bed bound, or DEAD. I could not live with the pain this Disease causes, Arachnoiditis, the pain is compared to end stage cancer with out the relief of DEATH. There are many of us and the community is still growing, which is very sad,b/c the only way to get this disease is from a Doctor! I got mine from an Epidural injection..I did not ask to live this way, I had no choice in the matter, not even warned about it before I had the Injection..Now, you are trying to take away the only means of pain relief I have? PROP, you will get yours one day! PLease if you are against this Petition go here and sign:
We are over 1100 strong, and we will have our FIGHT AGAINST PROP.


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