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THANK YOU JAMES for your comment below... This is a vveeryy BIASED site and program. People who are on a pain management program and are taking there Medication properly are not at this "High Risk" for Overdose. Someone who may be abusing the prescription medication and unfortunitly passed away due to the use of it either just took too much, were not going to a very well known well educated "PAIN MANAGEMENT DOCTOR" who really knows what they are doing. I live in Washington State and here we have one of the highest prescription medication abuse rates in all of the states, this is due to people who don't need the medication selling it on the street to those who are un aware of how to properly take it and most likely are un aware of how dangerous they can be IF they are abused. The Benzodiazapines (benzo's) such as xanax, Clonazapam, ect... Those medications are not pain medications they are to treat Anxiety, PTSD and depression as well as other phyciatric problems. Mixing those with pain medication always raises the danger of overdose ALTHOUGH me having suffering from Ehlers Danlos Syndrome having finally giving in and knowing i need to take some pain medication (Methadone & oxycodone(as needed for break through pain) I also was prescribed Xanax due to PTSD, Anxiety and minor depression for being a 26 year old woman and a mother of two I knew i needed to get my body emotionally and physically under control and thankfully i Found the most amazing Pain management DR who also works VERY close in the same office with my Phyciatrist and together they were able to get my pain and anxiety under control so i could function as the 26 year old woman I am yet at the same time still feel something so that im not completely numbing myself from the world and my pain and anxiety. Im in the greatest place right now physically as well as being on the medication i do regular physical therapy (which for me with my Ehlers Danlos Syndrom is hard but there is a step and reason for all of what my Dr has me doing as well as adding the pain medications and anxiety meds ... People really REALLY need to do there PROPER research with specialist who are really knowlageable about what they are doing.. PEOPLE PLEASE LISTEN TO ME PLEASE, PLEASE PLEASE DONT JUST BELIEVE WHAT YOU READ THIS ISN'T HOW IT REALLY IS....YES IF YOU ABUSE UR MEDICATION PROBLEMS MAY ARISE, ALTHOUGH IF YOU DO IT THE RIGHT WAY AND LISTEN TO YOUR DOCTOR (THEY KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING AND WENT TO SCHOOL FOR THIS EXACT THING). YOU CAN LIVE WHILE TAKING PAIN MEDICATION AND BE HEALTHY AND NOT AT THE RISK OF HAVING THESE PROBLEMS... OF COURSE YOUR GOING TO HEAR MORE ABOUT DEATHS AND LESS ABOUT HOW AMAZING PEOPLE ARE MANAGING THERE PAIN...!! I DONT KNOW this is truly heating me up and is frusturating me so i must get off the computer and make my son lunch!!!!! I wish everyone who is in pain and needs to be on pain management has a great and successfull way of going about treating there pain and other problems they may have going on!!!

Pain management Advocate <3


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