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OK this is EXTREMELY biased program, if not propaganda. First Dr. Rosemary Orr says her son died from and Oxycontin overdose. He injected Cocaine and Oxyconting, this is called "speed balling" and is typically done with heroin not oxycontin. This is VERY dangerous. Yes opiates can kill you, but opiates are some of the safest drugs there are. They do not affect the major organs. Had her son either just did the oxy or the cocaine separately and had not mixed these two drugs he most likely would be alive. They do NOT clarify the statistics either, all those ER visits for "Opiates" if you look a majority of ER visits involve an opioid that is mixed with Tylenol, and they are having liver failure, NOT from the opiate but from the Tylenol. Most people who die from these "Over doses" are mixing the drugs and are not dying just from the opiate, had these people not mixed alcohol and benzo's they would still be alive. I also noticed that when they kept scrolling on the prescription bottles to show the opiates with the scary music they had a bottle of Clonazapam, umm that is not an opiate, it's a benzo. First do some research. It's clear this is all propaganda, unfortunately the American populace is like sheep and will eat up this crap.


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