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Years ago, fresh out of the UW and feeling very grown-up, I met my parents at Univ. Chevrolet to sign the papers for my first "new" (read: very used) car. I passed a dark-haired gentleman and two teenagers in the lot on my way to the sales office. Upon entering, my dad gestured to the gentleman outside and said to me, "Your hero is out there!" ??? Who??? "Your hero." It was Chris Wedes, shopping for a used car for his daughter. The salesman told us that J.P. would entertain the staff and their families at Christmas parties, how much they appreciated him and his good works. I'll never forget that. Nor the time Gertrude interrupted our carefully practiced marching band sequence in front of the judging stands at the Everett Christmas parade with loud blasts from her trombone. grrrr... :-)

The unveiling statue day was such a treat - Mr. Cashman kept us entertained while we waited and waited for the dignitaries and finally J.P. and his lovely Gertrude to appear. (I had already passed J.P., Gertrude and families in their flashy limo on their way to Fremont as I walked down to the site.) It was a memorable and emotional day. May they both enjoy and relish their hard earned retirement with the knowledge how much we do care and appreciate them so very much. Bless you both, Gentlemen and thank you.


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