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I thought the show was well done. I know a number of Canadians with some Japanese heritage.

I also of a mixed marriage - French Canadian and Swedish Canadian. Not a visible minority, but different - perhaps mostly due to my red hair and fair skin...

Some comments about language in the show. Some of those interviewed lamented that they did not learn Japanese from their parents. I lament not having been taught French or Swedish at home. But part of that may be that neither my French or Swedish grandparents taught my parents their "native" language. I think that is probably the most common lament of many people whose parents were not able to learn their hereditary language. Many First Nations people I meet say the same thing. It probably can be rationalized that it is most practical to use the language everyone uses as the common language in your community.

Carry on the brings out thoughts of our past - benefits and things we might like to change...perhaps for our grand-kids if it is too late to do things for our kids....


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