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This film maker asks the question why do so many Japanese Canadians marry inter-racially. Well if you have not noticed, the majority of the Japanese Canadians who intermarry are marrying Europeans or European Canadians. Maybe I am looking at this the wrong way, but I think it has to do with self-hate issues or maybe these Japanese Canadians are marrying European Canadians because they just want to fit in. I live in Vancouver and a lot of the Asian women I know prefer European men to Asian men. Japanese Canadians like other Canadians are raised in a western culture where we are constantly bombarded with images of Caucasians. Lets face it, some visible minority Canadians have been brainwashed into thinking that their own appearance is not as attractive or good enough as Europeans. This would explain the sudden rise in Asian Canadian women going through surgery to change their eye shape. Many visible minorities in Canada think that through mixing their children will be more attractive, therefore some visible minorities believe that they are not as attractive as European Canadians.


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