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Hey, it was a big boat. Cioppino is basically seafood soup with a tomato base. But even tradionalists will argue over the exact ingredients. But, fettucini? No way.

This discussion reminds me of my recent search for an 'authentic' recipe for cock-a-leekie soup, a famous Scots recipe to be served on St. Andews day and Robert Burn's birthday. My first warning was that cock-a-leekie was spelled many different ways. Some recipes called for rice instead of barley. Some added potatoes. Some left out the starch altogether. Many left out the traditional prunes. Some left out the cock (the chicken)! Actually that's OK. This is a medieval dish, eaten by both peasants and royalty. The high table had chicken in theirs and the rest had chicken broth.

So cioppino is fisherman's soup made with readily available fish and tomatoes and whatever other vegetables were at hand. But no fettucini.


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