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If the Head and the Heart and Macklemore are representative, then the current Seattle scene is asleep and horrid. But it's not.
It's just that hard rock isn't allowed in America anymore. Kane Hodder was a great, great band with pretty uncommercial vocals, but
they broke up, oh well.

When they interview Poneman, you can almost see the sadness in his face. He knows he's just following trends now. He must like the old hard stuff, but you can't sell that, because navel-gazing dork acoustic pop (it's a joke compared to legacy country and folk, generation weenie) is all the rage. That, and gag, hip hop. Eminem took that job and noone can touch him. No Seattle poser is going to break into that gig, but Mackerel has got YT vids over a million. Wow, the public taste is really terrible.


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