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I used to scoff at the people who spent extra money on organic foods until...

I subscribe to a trade magazine for living creatures. In the most recent edition one of the authors notes the absence of bugs. Those horrible bugs that used to stick so tenaciously to windshields, headlights and radiators. We of past generations can remember having to get them off or the acidic bodies of the dead bugs would eat holes in the paint surfaces.

So, what's happened to the little guys and I don't know nor did the author of the story in the magazine. Some thoughts include: we killed them all off with our windshields, they have just become spontaneously extinct, Natural selection has killed tham all off, or perhaps some of the pesticides being used to kill enemies of crops remain around year after year repeating the killing process to new generations of bugs and keeping our hoods free of the pests. I don't know why the bugs are gone. I don't even know if one of those thoughts are even close to the reason.

But the bugs are gone. What does that say? Yup, I'm shoping organic nowadays.


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