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Seattle has had extreme weather - the wettest, coldest spring on record with very unhealthy air quality. LaNina happened here from July 2010-May2011. It just left - and took the air pressure with it. The jet stream is now pulling south instead. Because of these facts the wind now blows in different directions (facts on weather channel). I moved into my apartment last July 2010 and did not notice any air quality problems. The end of this May 2011 for a period of 3 weeks (more or less) into June - I was in a panic over extreme gasoline fumes intermittently flowing (along with breathable air) into my 2nd flr. apt -causing me extreme dizziness and a sore throat. I thought someone was hoarding gasoline. --This apartment is one block away from NE145th & Lake City Way in Seattle. So real is/was this problem I called a professional for information (too expensive couldn't do) - and called my landlord in. Because of the intermittent-ness of this problem (depends on which way the wind blows) - I couldn't 'prove' my problem at the time. Because of my distress my landlord will 'let me go' but - my one year is up anyway. However - because of your show - it 'rocked' my world. I now understand 'better' this problem of deisel fuel. I now understand I have to move (problem is not over). I now understand the ground/air was so wet for those initial 3 -4 weeks when the air pressure left that the fumes were riding on a wet mist - on different wind currents right into my apartment. Presently - the air is drier, ground drier and the extreme fumes are gone with a lingering hint of gasoline - off and on. I can't wait until 2017 for the new 'laws' to come into effect for the Port of Seattle. Four months after I moved into this apartment I 'couldn't breathe', had a heart attack - thank God the UW hospital is local. I'm moving to Portland - where NOAA just relocated.


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