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I live in yakima and my neighbor next door smokes marihuana with 2 or 5 friends everyday, some days they start a 7pm but today they started around 11 am, I have some kids that can not play on my backyard because the smell is really high, I can not turn all my ac because the air is coming form the same side they smoke, if I do not close my windows the smell gets inside my house, I am buyin not renting, those drug ussers move in after I did I have years they have months, but now that marihuana is legal what I am going to do, let my kids get used to it, or call the police and they will have a warning or maybe a fine wich may be really low and I will get an enemy on the next door, what can I do, they have some kids too that play around them while they smoke marihuana, if they do not care for their kids I do. please do not legalize marihuana to be smoked in front or around kids. Thank you.


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