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I was living in Arcadia, CA, going to school at L.A. State. My roommate Janet Jones and I drove to Seattle to meet my parents and younger siblings (who lived in Spokane) for a 4-day fair visit. The fair was fabulous, I especially liked the wide range of musical acts and events, as well as the innovative technological ideas and wide array of cultures - the food, the dress - the crafts - the music. It solidified the focus of my studies back at school in folklore and arts administration. I would eventually return to Spokane and become one of the producers of "The Northwest: A Gift of the Earth", the folklife festival that provided the cornerstone theme for the 1974 Spokane World's Fair. I still feel that was my most exciting professional endeavor. By then, Overton Berry (who contributes to this film), and I have become long time friends, along with other many other wonderful PNW musicians and artists I've worked with over the years. Having been involved since with a variety of nonprofit public cultural programming entities, I realize the importance of the Seattle World's Fair that has resulted in the growth and vibrancy of the arts and culture in Seattle. Whether by design or happenstance, it provided the cornerstone (Seattle Center) for an explosion of arts and culture for all Seattleites and visitors. After a stint working in the Southwest, primarily manifesting cross-cultural programming and films with Mexico and co-founding the Tucson Jazz Society, I moved back to Seattle where I became ED of the Seattle Folklore Society, then the parent organization for the Northwest Folklife Festival, still (I believe) the only admission-free festival of its size in the world, held every Memorial Day weekend at Seattle Center. The Seattle World's Fair opened my eyes to a lifetime of creative manifestation and I revel in the joy of its legacy often.


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