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...let’s see...standing on the corner near our apartment at 14th @ Olive we could clearly watch the building of the 'needle'. My parents never actual took us to the fair, but I did somehow manage to go. I remember somewhere they had this real cool exhibit of one million dollar coins. They were in this huge display case...very cool. The monorail was very slick and moved with ease above the traffic. I believe in the early days the needle had a real flame on top..? One of my friends was the first in our neighborhood to actually go up in the needle. He was like a celebrity for the rest of the summer. The coolest part was to stand at the bottom of the needle and look straight up. You could get dizzy. I also saved up and bought one of the special Seattle World’s fair coins. It was like special money and you could spend it anywhere (even in Bremerton) during when the fair was the fair.


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