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My father was the manager (director?) of the children's section of the Science Center during the fair. He worked from sometime in early spring (well before the fair started), and I know he was still working the day of the Columbus Day storm. He was also a teacher in Seattle Public Schools, so did "double duty" during much of that time.

I was 8 years old and turned 9 that July. My photo is in the original souvenir book, and reappeared in the recent Seattle MET magazine recounting the history of the fair. (...I must say I let out a small shriek in the grocery store when I idly opened that issue and found myself looking AT myself!)

There was a time, years later, when it seemed that he may have been an assistant director of the entire Science Center. That is very unclear to me, and may or may not have been true ~ I have not been able to find out.

I have many memories of the fair, as I was there fairly often. My Bluebird group sang on the flag plaza for some part of the opening ceremonies. Some of my friends were also photographed for the souvenir book on that day in early spring (when my father very suddenly called my mother and said there would be photographers there later that SAME day, and could she possibly round up some children willing to be photographed?? ~ She did.)

At any rate, I was inordinately proud of my father, proud of Seattle, proud to be alive, and excited about the wonderful future ahead of us all in "Century 21"!!


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