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I was 9 yrs old when my parents packed my 3 older sisters and me into our station wagon for the 2+ hour ride from Oak Harbor on Whidbey Island to Seattle. It was a trip we didn't make very often and I was excited beyond belief. I'd never been to Disneyland and what little I had seen in the newspaper about what would be at the World's Fair really peaked my interest, even being so young.

My most vivid memories are riding on the Bubbelator and going through the Home of the Future, having lunch up in the Space Needle, which was a HUGE splurge for my parents, and getting separated briefly from my parents in the Science Pavilion. I'd never seen crowds of people like that before and the overwhelming panic I felt when I was pushed along with the crowd going down the stairs, away from my mother's hand, still sticks with me today! I still cannot stand being lost.

It was a most thrilling and terrifying day all in one! Everything I saw at the 1962 World's Fair made me very hopeful about the future. At that time schoolkids were still having to kneel in the hallways or hide under desks with our hands over our heads in the event of a nuclear attack. The 1962 World's Fair made all things good seem possible and I felt proud that Seattle was at the center of it.


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