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I was not born as of yet but my father was 21 when he visited the fair with a press pass from Channel 12. He told me a story recently of him and friend being asked to participate on a game show which was being broadcast in color. He cannot recall the name of the show but it involved him running back and forth with a key, trying to find the right one to open a lock.
Sadly they didn't win but as a consolation prize they were awarded one of the coveted Space Needle lighters that was one of the hotter items to get. He gave it to his friend and unfortunately it has been lost in time.
As a personal project I have been searching for the footage, if it still exists, but so far I've had a lot of fun talking to archivists as I am looking to go to school to become one myself. If anyone has any information or possible leads please comment back.
Also to the KCTS folks, I came across a booth at the Aurora Antique Pavilion on Highway 99 chock full of original Seattle's Fair merchandise as well as one of the Space Needle lighters for around 500 bucks. Just a heads up, hopefully it helps you out.


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