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I was 11 years old and performing as a clown at that time with my father’s Wenatchee Youth Circus. We were there that Summer and Elvis was in production for “It Happened at the World’s Fair”. Dad, aka “Guppo the Clown” and the show’s manager/director since starting the circus as an after school tumbling team a decade earlier, was used for some behind the scenes production w/Elvis' movie. So for all of us kids not only was the fair a big wing ding, but the Elvis factor made it all additionally just amazing beyond words.
We did a couple of shows a day and were set up where the stadium is now as you can see the along with the Space Needle in the pictures. In between shows there was a water skiing show that was presented in the moat that circled our “circus lot” and was constructed especially for them, so that was another close-up fun time for all of us circus kids.
On a totally adolescent boy note, there was also this production revue not too far away from our show area that was a part of the fair as well & something you’d never see in the times we live in today. It was called “Backstage U.S.A” and was a sort of burlesque show, very timid by some of today’s night clubs of that ilk, but nonetheless extremely enticing & provocative for us young dudes.None of us could get in as you had to be 21 as I recall…BUT they had those wonderful posters outside the entrance & even as tame as the pictures on display were, many a young lad spent more than a little time studying, perusing, dreaming.
All in all, between having free access so all of the fairground activities, rides exhibits, monorail and all, we were in heaven to be sure. We all got certificates of appreciation for our performance there that I still have hanging on my studio wall. Well.. that’s my story, I’m stickin' to it & thats the truth!


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