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I was 12 our family came up from Los Angeles to Seattle for our summer vacation. It would the first time traveling through northern California, Oregon and Washington. When we got over the borders, I wondered were the lines were, like the those printed on the map.
I first saw the Space Needle as we crested on Hwy 99 and South 133rd before the Duwamish Bridge. It was very late, so we stayed at a hotel on Lake Union.
The next morning I got my frist WOW-sight of Lake Union as the sun rose over the Cascades. I was ready for action!
Off to the World Fair, were I kept looking up at the Needle and couldn't wait to get to the top. Later I would get a ride of my life up the exterior elevators. There I got my first view of the Puget Sound and the Cascades, I knew I would come back here and live one day. Matter-of-fact my family moved up in late 1960 right were we saw the Needle for the first time- near South 133rd!
The rest of the fair was stunning to a kid...adventure of the future; think back, we are enjoying much of the technology that was presented.
The science museum was a cool place (literally) to get out the sun and do lots of hands on fun. It still is to this overgrown kid.
Out of the two Worlds Fairs I visited, Seattle is the best and will always be a great memory as I drive through Seattle.


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