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oh it seems like yesterday ,many yesterday I hate to admit ,that I was working part time for the Vancouver province newspaper [ 7508] trying to get people to take the paper even if for a month just so I could win a trip to the world's fair in Seattle ,I bet that my parents had wished that I had another p.t job before school,since I would always sleep in and the sub manager would have to bang at the front door just to wake me up ,and every one else for that matter,,since I was never a good sales person ,then as well as now ,I was surprise to find out that I WAS GOING , yes I won ,,oh god ,how did that happen? it must of being all those one month subscribers ,that I need to deliver to , oh well ,I'M going to Seattle ,had never been and was looking forward to the day trip.on the bus ,which seem like it took hours and hours to get there.but IT was worth it what I can remember anyway, since that trip in 62, I have never stopped going to Seattle,


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