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My first memory of the Seattle’s World Fair was also the opening day and the Jet that crashed. It was a few houses down from where I lived and my family witnessed the whole crash. My Brothers were on the roof watching planes do various tricks for the opening. We all watched as a Fighter Jet went into a big dive. We were all yelling,” pull up, pull up” and before we knew it was bearing down on our house. It was surreal and a scene I’ll never forget, but just as it was about to hit, the tip of the wing hit a lone pine tree and the Jet switched directions sending it crashing down the street instead. There was a huge fireball and the force was so great, it broke windows all up the street. Sadly, a senior couple was killed, but all the other houses it hit, either the people weren’t home or somehow! Everyone got out, even though their house was hit too. I was 10 at the time and my friends lived in the houses hit so I got in when most of the area was off limits. A crazy sight! My friend’s room was a big hole in the ground and stuff was melted to the walls. Shrapnel was stuck in trees and littered the whole neighborhood. Our summer project was collecting it.
It wasn’t all bad. We usually didn’t get to go anywhere, but our relatives from Illinois came out, so we got to go a couple of times. I LOVED it! –Everything - All the Futuristic stuff, rides, Bubleator, Flag pavilion and especially the Science Pavilion. On one of the trips we had just gotten our tickets and barely were inside when there was all this commotion. Here was another girl getting tagged as the 9 (?) millionth guest! Ahhh, just missed it. Fun visit anyway.
I have been going to Seattle Center ever since. What fun it was when my Kids were small to take them on the Bubbleator, fun forest and up the Needle. Really enjoying everyone’s stories too.


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