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And re:"We’ll show you how much it would reduce the deficit, and how many PBS stations might go under without CPB help."

Will you show how many businesses in the US have also gone under w/out taxpayer help? How about the ones we did support? What's the general feeling on that?

First of all, I'm a Republican. My kid didn't watch Sesame Street or Between the Lions, but only because I couldn't get him to sit still that long - I think both shows are good (particularly BTL, my hands-down fav). Yet he's grown into a very bright child with lot's of A's on his card in spite of that. I won't say I haven't found other shows to be based more on POV than actual reality, but it's a free world. I just change the channel.

I don't think de-funding either PBS or NPR is the end of the educational world as we know it. You (Sesame Street in particular) have made wonderful contributions, but you're not the only option. You've put together some extremely entertaining and creative programs, but we're $14T in the hole. NPR in particular is quite well funded via corporate investments - they don't NEED to be subsidized by taxpayers of any sort, but by all means, make a donation.

Meanwhile, most states are in the hole. They're not receiving enough revenue to stay afloat. Tax rec'ts are down, the govt. isn't receiving enough to stay afloat. We must cut. TV programming isn't a high priority. And quite frankly, you can get out and hustle up some funding yourselves. Just like any other self-supporting business does.


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