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Story idea: How have people in other states targeted state representatives for future defeat when they vote "wrong" on important issues? I want to get even with Washington State Republicans who went along with their party's directive to decrease PBS funding. Can help? How? How can other organizations help?

My "learning takeaway" from the last Republican-based attacks on PBS and specific shows like Bill Moyer's, was that: "Bill M. raised uncomfortable questions about US policy and policy execution under the Bush Administration. Other journalists weren't covering the same issues. [Gee, I wonder why?] Bill attracted credible witnesses [often, whistle-blowers, willing to sacrifice their economic future to make a point] to his show.

His long-standing reputation as a straight and respectful journalist [and a minister who "walks the talk"] made it difficult for Republicans to attack him personally. Instead, they went after the funding for his show.


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