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I am a stalwart supporter of public broadcasting. I awake to Morning Edition. I watch the Charlie Rose midday reprise. I listen to All Things Considered before turning to News Hour and evening programing. However, I am beginning to wonder if government should have a role in funding the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. I see that it is going commercial anyway with bull blown ads for oil companies, insurance companies, automobile companies and others. I imagine the drug companies are in there too. So why not just take the politics out of it all together and free up the Corporation for Public Broadcasting's mission to bring us the fact based information that I have come to know and love without having to worry about what the politicians may think. We might even get closer to the truth with the freedom to challenge the politicians without having to pander to their ideological biases to curry their favor when it is time to vote funds up or down. The philosophy, or ideology if you will. of CPB is pretty well established. Let those who wish support it and let the rest be dammed. To be sure, no one else with pick up the quality educational programing for children, or the cultural and informational programing for adults. Do we really want or need for the politicians to be involved???


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