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I found this comment to be extremely aggressive and unrealistic. There are way more people trying to put an end to the slaughter of dogs and cats then the slaughter of horses. It is fact that a majority of racehorses are sold to the highest bidder at an auction. In this economy, with the ever increasing amount of unneccessary backyard horse breeding, its the kill-buyers who get the horses. Now, its mostly the claimers and allowance racers who get auctioned off, not the grandson of Seattle Slew. That was obviously a rare occurence seeing the publicity Bucky got. Its the lack of empathy that you are showing that makes this world so hard to live in. These horses that are dying are childrens' best friends, very talented beings that simply took a misstep and have a strained tendon. Its sensless and those that are beyond repair have the option of euthanasia... not a metal rod being jammed through their temples and being strung up like a slab of meat. Please think before you speak next time, Fed up in the Midwest.

*Someone with a bit of compassion*


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