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I'm surprised that an educational channel would air a program that has some very wrong points of view on how to rehabilitate a horse and on horse development. One no horse is bred to be broke let a lone raced at a young age. The fact is they do it anyway, to take advantage of the horses youthful energy, the reality is, is that all of the horses that are broke and ridden or raced young will develop joint problems and have arthritis set in at an early age. And showing the public that taking a horse that has never been with another horse and putting that horse in with two other horses who are not familiar with that horse, is something safe and good to do, is just wrong and misleading. Those people are taking a huge risk of the horses fighting and breaking bones, causing the horse to be put down, or stitches from biting, that will take time to heal and possibly leave scarring, not to mention the danger to the humans if they try to intervene, in a moment of panic. this program was disturbing and I hope others out there don't go "oh that's a good idea lets try it ourselves" but we all know someone will and then will learn the hard way that it's not right. As far as slaughter goes I agree with the slaughter houses, i would rather have them slaughtered than starving to death.


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