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Closing of the Cavel and Beltex slaughterhouses in the US have created the biggest flux of worthless and useless horses the US has ever seen. While I"m a lifelong horselover..I'm a realist.....While MILLIONS of dogs and cats are euthanized each year.....due to overpopulation, unwanted ect ect....Horses are no longer able to have the outlet of the slaughter option in the US...And now we have excess worthless horses, full rescues and tons of neglected, starving and abused animals with NO WHERE to go. Slaughter is necessary....If done humanely the same as humanely euthanizing the unwanted population of dogs and cats...What the heck is the problem with it going for pet food OR human consumption. At least then these unwanted, sick, old , agressive or useless horses would be worth a few bucks to dispose of instead of a huge burden on rescues...There are good horses that end up slaughtered..but most horses ending up at an auction and winding their way to slaugher are there for a reason...they are JUNK....Do all of you people with a pet kitty know what it costs to care for a horse for a year? To train it, to euthanize one if needed? NO, shut up all you bleeding heart tree huggers...Don't you think CATTLE or sheep or hogs go thru the same slaughter process??? And that's OK??? But not when it comes to old Dobbin?? Unless you are a vegan shut the f&** up and be realistic people!! Imagine if we spent all the dollars on this country's economy or CHILDREN...than these worthless resuce "nags" that could be going to slaughter instead of creating tons of dollars of NEED....what would be doing then? Wow educating children, pouring money into our economy, researching fuel alternatives...WOW...I don't think saving horses from someones dinner table is such a huge when's the least time you saw a piece on a TV station about saving some poor fat angus beef steer from the butcher!!!! freaking ridiculous. Open the slaughter plants here in the US with STRICT standards for humanely handling these horses and transporting them...AND DEAL WITH IT or go VEGAN then you can rightly say " don't kill the animals "!!!!!!!!!!! FED UP in MidWest!!!


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