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Thank you to all the folks at KCTS who helped bring this story to light. Your hard work has resulted in something quite beautiful and I am proud to have played even a small part it the tale.

As Lucky's initial rescuer, I always felt he was very special and to see him the way that others do, knowing he touches people the way he did me, makes me very grateful that I followed a series of "lucky" hunches that led to his rescue so that his story could be told.

I'm very hopeful that the key players will be able to work together in the future to create a more structured exit from the race track to the re-homing arena. We have ideas...all we need is a way to put them in practice.

If you felt moved by the story to help in some way, please stop by to find out how you can. There you can follow Lucky's story and meet other amazing SAFE horses with tales that will inspire you.


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