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I am looking forward to this broadcast. Maybe SOMEBODY has a solution to this problem. While I am against the inhumane treatment of horses on their way to slaughter, I do think that slaughter is necessary. I have a hard time watching a cow be killed also, and I am not vegetarian. I have had horses all of my life and to me they more like my dogs and cats than a livestock food animal. Unfortunately shutting down the U.S. horse slaughter plants left a huge excess of unwanted horses. Somebody should have thought ahead about the consequences. When slaughter was in full swing, the price of any horse was a dollar a pound on the hoof. A riding horse started at around $2,000 and went up from there. It's hard for people to even give a horse away now because of the cost of keeping them. The humane society euthonizes millions? of dogs and cats that people just drop off at shelters without thinking about what happens to the ones who don't get adopted. What can we do as a society to help horses. I live in an area where there is no abundance of farmland. Rescue facilities are overflowing. There are things worse than death, and to some of the horses I see, starvation, disease, untreated injuries, and standing in your own feces while your feet rot off are just to name a few. What is the answer? And p.s. all the countries that are supposed to be eating horses seem to be against slaughter too, so who is eating horsemeat?


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