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I can't believe this garbage. Rural communities beset by gangs? How is that even possible? I don't care what color they are. If a group of purple and orange gangs slithered their way into my town, I'd get a group of my own and send them running and screaming like little girls! Isn't there anywhere in this country where we can go to avoid the sewer-sludge-minded drecks of society that are gang-bangers? Come on! This is the Pacific Northwest, the bastion of natural beauty, outdoors activities and fresh air and water! What the hell happened to this region? Get the damn cops out there on the streets smacking these gangsters in the kneecaps with their nightsticks like they used to before it became politically incorrect to have armed cops walking a beat. Make citizen's arrests and exercise your Constitutional right to bear arms! The reason why these filthy, diabolical gangs have infiltrated our beautiful states is because we've gone soft as a nation, and especially up here in the PNW.

Listen, our country was just fine before these big-government, ultra-tolerant freaks decided to turn good sense on its ear and let all kinds of garbage happen. We can't afford to keep our streets safe and clean or our air and water safe to breathe and drink, respectively, but we sure can afford to blow tax dollars on things that don't have any direct impact on our quality of life! If I ever get accosted by a gang-banger scumbag, I will fight back and I will put the fear of God in the bastard. That's a promise! NOT IN MY TOWN, OR MY STATE, OR MY COUNTRY, YOU SLIME-SUCKING DEMONS!

Please, governmental bodies and police officers: you have a nearly infinite amount of leeway and resources at your fingertips. Please, round up all of the filthy, larcenous, murdering scum who do not belong on the same streets as us and send them off to an underground prison on an island thousands of miles offshore somewhere. PLEASE!


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