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It seems that these anonymous comment arenas bring out the worst in people. People share their true colors/emotions as opinions and do even more freely because of the anonymity. People speaking on what they know nothing about. I would say the effort to educate the PNW out of ignorance of this complex situation might be the effort needed to correct the problem. The statement holds true if you're not a part of the solution you're part of the problem. To the immigrant fear mongers I can say this you have hatred and ignorance that you resort to quick to illogical conclusions. Work on your faith if you have it if not good luck. Immigrants or anchor babies are not a source of gangs. Gangs are made in AMERICA. There are even Senators going around saying that the Gangs in Mexico are somehow the same as we have here. Shows how they are so disconnected from the truth. Gangs that are emerging here in the PNW are not limited to minorities. Case in point, the last two gang members apprehended in Yakima where white adolecents. Yakima also has had a skater "crew" burning down commercial properties and were not considered by the media as gangs. This cycle has happened before in the 80's also in a downed economy but this being a "new" phenomena up here leaders do not have an awareness and resort to suppressive measures to show their constituents or future voters, that we are trying. In reality there are effective measures already on the books and these new proposals are counterproductive and will serve to fuel the fire. These efforts equate to "get a rope" mentality which never has worked. Get real with solutions by allowing community leaders that are not represented at the main decision table not on subcommittees (Yakima County Gang Commission). For example throughout the entire Yakima Valley there is not ONE minority represented in leadership and NOT ONE LATINO/HISPANIC in the city of Yakima has EVER been elected even though new census data shows in the Yakima Valley the minority is now the majority and in the city of Yakima hispanic population is within 40-50%. How can you make/create effective solutions if the leadership is so disconnected from representing its residents? The same results you get with a $1 in prevention vs $7 in suppression yet a small percentage goes to prevention. A few years back KYVE hosted a town hall meeting in Yakima creating a dialog, leaders were there and agreed they were not the ones to create solutions but they must have forgot. I had the opportunity to personally leave a proven method that helped me emerge from the most imaginable gang ridden neighborhood/lifestyle as a high risk youth in the late 80's on Mr. Rob Mckenna's lap but even having gone directly to the leader has not proven important enough to squeeze exploring that option in a future Governatorial run adgenda. For the rest of the State to know, Charles Ross the initial backer of these gang legislative efforts was the Mayor of a rural town of Naches, WA with a population of 643 people, 258 households, and 175 families in 2000!!!! And NO he has not made enough effort to connect with the stronger people on the ground making the difference. Leaders in the past prosperous times did not see this coming because of the disconnect to their poverty stricken city residents and did not invest then the much needed long term sustainable resources for youth activities to continue and now when it is much to late they resort to simple ineffective solutions. Leaders have FAILED all youth today by not maintaining the much needed positive outlets all youth need. I can go on forever but I'll leave it with this last note: KYVE You're interviewing the wrong people!!!MISSED THE BULLSEYE - but either way it sells.....


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