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When acquiantances of mine in Yakima have to carry guns to protect themselves to go to and from work, that's pretty serious.
There are many things to consider here. First, there are many illegal immigrants in Eastern Oregon and Washington. Many of those are affiliated with gangs, both situations are unacceptable. Much of this problem starts at the Mexican border, many of the drug gangs based in the border areas have people and drugs flow all over the country. Some are US citizens, some are not.
The law-abiding citizens of our country need to be able to carry our own weapons for defense first of all. Along with that, the claims by the Mexican government that we are supplying the gangs with weapons is an excuse for their own lack of being able to stop black market weapons and stolen weapons from their own military and police from ending up with the bad guys. We don't have grenades, RPG's, and full-auto weapons for sale at gun shows and the idea has already been shown as a waste of time by our own government accounting people and the justice department.
The government of Mexico needs to be held accountable for their corruption and issues that allow these problems to happen. Also, normal Mexicans can only posses very few firearms, look what that's done for them.
There needs to be serious tough love here. Those who are known gang members need to be arrested. Those who wish to get out and haven't committed violent acts should have one chance to do so and all the help they can get. If they are illegals, they are immediately deported. Those who have committed violent acts are imprisoned for life. If they commit a murder in prison or are linked to one outside, they are executed immediately. Any gang member who commits a rape or murder is executed with one shot at a retrial, just in case.
In addition, when immigrants of any country come here, they are required to at least get an overview of our country and customs and before they become citizens, they learn at least passable English, as we would learn their language if we moved to their country. A common language unites a country, those who do not wish to become part of the whole don't make the effort and they help cause divides between them and us. Another issue is that in Hispanic culture, the gang mentality seems to get a wink and a nod from many instead of being frowned upon.
In addition, there can be no anchor babies, illegals who are not criminals beyond being felons for being here illegally get emergency medical care and food and are immdeiately sent back. Any children born here either return with the parents or they are adopted out to resident families.
Also, border security is tightened, anyone who is caught committing a violent crime can be shot. We need to trust the border patrol people to do their job just like any police agency instead of hamstringing them.
We cannot tolerate this behavior any longer, these people are a danger to innocent people in this country and in Mexico as well. If they won't take care of their responsibilities, then we do all we can on this side. This applies not only to Mexican gangs, but to all gang activity, whether bike gangs or mafia types of any ethnic group. The message needs to be sent, there will be no more of this at all, period. These people only respect or at least fear strength, just like foreign terrorists, we cannot be soft, we can't afford to.


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