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I love the addition of the photos lately, but wish they could be sized a bit smaller. It's great to have a visual as I'm looking through my saved or printed recipes so I have a general idea of what I'd be making, but they don't need to be the entire width of the page, as far as I'm concerned...particularly because it nearly ALWAYS forces the recipe onto two pages! If it's not asking too much, perhaps they could be sized to just 2-3 inches wide to provide both the photo AND, perhaps, keep some, if not all, recipes on just one page?! Anyway, thanks for the fun recipes and, most especially, for simply adding photos that will finally print at all!!

I also didn't know that the + symbol gave the print option, but in Chrome, the browser I typically use, I simply right click on the page and the Print option appears. In Firefox, it's under File on the menu bar.


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