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Since Ms. Simon gave voice to my fears about what Bates might have been doing in York, I will try not to spend too much time on them here. I did not expect to feel a sense of dread when learning of Green's deservedly ignominious demise. One thing does not fit, however. I thought Gillingham said that the "accident" which killed Green happened in Piccadilly. If Bates was there, it would mean that he lied to Carson about where he was going. John Bates is many things, but he has never been a good liar.

My favorite moment in this episode was the all-too-brief picnic with Daisy and Mr. Mason. I had almost forgotten what Daisy's last name was, but of course she took William's name when she married him. I love that in loving William, Daisy gained a father and Mr. Mason gained a daughter. Part of me has always hoped that she will take Mr. Mason up on his offer because it would secure her future.


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