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For the past several weeks I have been mulling how the vile Green could be disposed of in such a way that would not require Bates to murder him and end up going back to prison. Not the most holy sentiment for a Sunday evening, but I cannot bear Green getting away scot free any more than Mrs. Hughes can. I first thought it should be a falling icicle striking him dead at just the right moment, a la The Lovely Bones. But now that see my imagining in print, it seems too silly for drama.

The sequence with Edith considering the back alley abortion was tense to watch. I agree with Ms. Simon: having to watch Edith suffer through that would have been too much on top of what we have already seen this season, especailly if Edith had suffered from sepsis. I thought it took a great deal of courage for Edith to acknowledge that her unborn child is just that: "the wanted child of a man [she] love[s]." It will take even more courage for her to see the pregnancy through to term and raise this baby if that is indeed what happens. I have always thought of Edith as possessing a combination of Mary's worldliness and Sybil's ambition. Perhaps I misjudged her, and perhaps she is made of sterner stuff than she realizes.

Speaking of babies, will there be a Tea Times blog devoted to Call the Midwife when it returns, and will I be able to post comments?


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