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Once again I am arriving a bit late to Tea Time, as here I am trying to respond to episode five after just having watched episode six. Let me say briefly that I loved Rose's surprise birthday present. There is just something about a couple named Jack and Rose (and just think, the sinking of the Titanic has already happened on this show!) I am a music lover who also watches period pieces, so the fact that Rose's beau is a musician is a definite plus. In all candor, I know that the time in which they live would preclude them from having any permanent happiness.

One beautiful line in this episode on which Ms. Simon did not comment occurs the scene in which Anna tells Bates that she wants to make some new memories with him. It dovetails well with her earlier refusal to be considered a victim. This seems to be a reflection of Mr. Fellowes' personal philosophy. He commented in Downton Abbey Revisited that "some people embrace their bad luck and become victims," and related that another character, in this case Edith, had refused to do that. It looks as though Anna is also taking responsibility for her own happiness, even if she will never have quite the same lightness of spirit that she once did.


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