Check, Please! Northwest/Hitchcock, Beth's Cafe, Serious Pie

Hitchcock, Beth's Cafe, Serious Pie
  • Episode Ten
  • Hitchcock
  • Beth's Cafe
  • Serious Pie

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Need a good old American omelet? Let's go to Greenlake. Or wake up to some local seafood on Bainbridge Island. But maybe pizza with an artistic touch will hit the spot.

Local seafood on Bainbridge Island

Judy Keehn, Retired High School Counselor and cooking school owner, recommends Hitchcock on Bainbridge Island. Judy says, "The chef is very creative and never disappoints!"

Greasy Spoon Diner in Greenlake

Matt Longman, Social Media Director, recommends Beth's Cafe in the Greenlake area. Matt says, "It's a Seattle institution you need to experience!"

Handcrafted Pizza in Downtown Seattle

Caylee Betts, Marketing Business Owner, recommends Serious Pie in Seattle. Caylee says, "This is the place that converted me to handcrafted pizzas!"


Hitchcock Website
133 Winslow Way E
Suite 100
Bainbridge Island, Washington  98110
  • Seafood
  • Bainbridge Island
  • $$

Beth's Cafe

Beth's Cafe
Beth's Cafe Website
7311 Aurora Ave N
Seattle, Washington  98103
  • Diner
  • Greenlake
  • $

Serious Pie

Serious Pie
Serious Pie Website
316 Virginia St
Seattle, Washington  98101
  • Pizza
  • Downtown Seattle
  • $$


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We tried Beth's Cafe on the strength of this show recommending taking a look. I thought the issue would be we are a bit old for the generation that now appreciates this place. But it was more of a disappointment because of the condition of the physical plant than because the food was greasy. We liked the food, it is just that they need a very deep dusting and cleaning at this place.


Those French cookies Amy profiled are called Macarons, not Macaroons. Macaroons are round coconut cookies served at Passover. Big difference there!

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