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Fire Up Your Brain Neurons With Summer of Science

Gear up for KCTS 9’s Summer of Science with two new series and an exciting lineup from NOVA, including new episodes. Viewers can travel on safari with Operation Wild, dive into the ocean in Life on the Reef, and even rocket off into space with NOVA. Wherever your scientific destination may be this summer, KCTS 9 has you covered.

KCTS 9’s Summer of Science kicks off on July 1 at 8pm with the premiere of Operation Wild.

Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month

In honor of Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month (May), KCTS 9 welcomes you to explore the people, places and history that makes up this enriched culture. See what is airing this month:

Empire, New 5-Part Series

In this five-part documentary series, viewers will travel to India, the Middle East, Canada, Africa, the Caribbean and the Far East to trace the rise and fall of the once-vast British Empire. Empire reveals the extraordinary characters, burning ambitions and surprising principles which created an empire four times the size of Ancient Rome’s. Examine how the Age of Empire continues to affect political, technological and social developments in the modern world. 

Empire premieres Sunday, April 26 at 7pm. 

The Magic of Selfridges: Get Ready for Mr. Selfridge Season 3

Fans of Mr. Selfridge, get ready! Season 3 of this popular MASTERPIECE show premieres Sunday, March 29 at 9:05pm. Guest blogger Amie Simon gives us a rundown on what’s happened inside the walls of Selfridges so far, and what our beloved Master Showman Harry may be up against this season.

Note: This post contains spoilers, both for past seasons and the upcoming one! Proceed with caution…

Q&A with Nick Stellino -- KCTS 9 Exclusive

With season two of Cooking with Nick Stellino premiering Tuesday, March 24 at 7pm, we thought we would take a moment and give our viewers the chance to get to know Nick a bit better outside of the kitchen. Taking time out of his schedule, Nick answered our questions (and some of yours!) on his career, cooking advice, and much more!

Halibut & Fresh Mediterranean Salsa recipe from S2 of Cooking with Nick Stellino

Cooking with Nick Stellino returns for a second season this month! Join Nick as he shares more delicious recipes for every craving, occasion and season. In anticipation of the new season, Nick has given us a sneak peek of what to expect this season by sharing one of his recipes—Halibut and Fresh Mediterranean Salsa. Plus, Nick shares what this recipe means to him. 

Hoppin' John recipe from A Chef's Life Holiday Special + Season 2

Deck the Halls Y'All - A Chef's Life

A Chef's Life will be back to KCTS 9 with a second season and the new holiday special starting Saturday, December 20, at 3pm. Part documentary, part cooking show, the series returns with more adventures from the life of Chef Vivian Howard, who with her husband Ben Knight (pictured below with twins Theo and Florence in 2013), left the big city to open a fine dining restaurant in small-town Eastern North Carolina.

Makers: Seattle Leaders of Tomorrow, Part 2

In the PBS series Makers: Women Who Make America, numerous women from various backgrounds and professions have shared their stories about their career journeys, work ethics, and contributions to transforming the way society looks at female leaders. With season two underway, Makers has shown that women who provoke change, creativity and new outlooks come from all walks of life.

The Book That Changed My Life | KCTS 9 Staff Picks

It’s National Book Month and here at KCTS 9 we appreciate the comfort and leisure a good book brings. Considered one of the world’s oldest forms of entertainment and relaxation, books of all kinds have been finding their way into the hands of curious and imaginative minds everywhere, including the staff at KCTS 9. 

Hispanic Heritage Month: Blanca Torres

As part of our recognition of Hispanic Heritage Month, KCTS 9 sat down with Seattle Times writer Blanca Torres. Torres recently joined the Times as an editorial writer and columnist, making her the first Latina on the Times editorial board. We spoke with her on her cultural upbringing, obstacles she faced, Latinos in media, and the importance of Hispanic Heritage Month.

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