Genealogy: Connecting the Past to the Future

A new season of Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates, Jr. is fast approaching with more stories, more surprises and more history. Premiering September 23 on KCTS 9, the second season of this hit series will again dive into the lives of various individuals, taking them on an intimate journey of self-discovery as they connect their past to their future. The series proves how important and powerful genealogy, the study and tracing of family ancestry, can be. By taking a visit to Seattle Public Library’s Central branch, you can also begin a similar journey.

From D.C. to N.W.: The Roosevelts in Washington State

Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt with Seattle Mayor and State Governor

From Roosevelt High School in Seattle to Roosevelt Elementary in Spokane and Lake Roosevelt in Hunters, the legacy of this historic family is ever-present in Washington. Even places not bearing the name of the once powerful trio, such as Grand Coulee Dam and Olympic National Forest, show the impact of the monumental decisions of the former First Family.

Music Video Monday featuring Inly's "Mississippi Misfit"

Local 6-piece indie roots band Inly

This week's pick, "Mississippi Misfit," comes from local band Inly, whose lead singer Mindie Lind recently chatted with The Stranger about the video's enlightening-yet-humorous "Cripp Culture" message.

Buster Keaton in the Northwest

Buster Keaton, The General (1926)
When you think "Buster Keaton" your mind most likely doesn't go straight to "Pacific Northwest." Fair enough, BUT the screen legend practically book-ended his career right here in our backyard. The most expensive single shot in the history of silent film--the train crash in The General (1926)--was actually filmed in Cottage Grove, Oregon.

The Roosevelts: Life In and Out of the White House

Over the course of their lifetimes, Theodore, Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt took over the political and social world in a way that no previous First Family had done before. They each accomplished so much; from FDR leading the nation through some of its most troubled times, to Teddy spearheading the preservation of the nation’s forests, to Eleanor who completely redefined the role of the First Lady. The trio—together and individually—were an unstoppable force.

Julia Child: Tall Numbers for a Tall Lady

Julia Child on the set of The French Chef.

In 1961 Julia Child stepped onto the set of I’ve Been Reading at Boston’s public television station WGBH with a hot plate, a giant whisk and some eggs, to promote her newly published cookbook Mastering the Art of French Cooking. When the show was over the fans wanted more, setting off a four-decades-long career in educational television.

Opposites Attract: 10 PBS Pairings We Love

Friendship Day Big Bird Snuffy Vicious Peg and Cat

If there is one universal lesson PBS has taught us, it’s that friendships come in all forms. You don’t always need to see eye to eye, come from the same background or even speak the same language to form a special bond. Whether you’re co-workers, roommates or spouses, at the core of every relationship is an everlasting friendship. In honor of Friendship Day, here are our top 10 friend picks.

Get Ready for David Suchet's Final Five Hercule Poirot Episodes (Pinboard)

Miss Lemon (Pauline Moran) Inspector Japp (Philip Jackson) Poirot (David Suchet)

David Suchet has portrayed Hercule Poirot, Agatha Christie's Belgian (not French!) detective, for 12 seasons since 1989, when he first donned the famous mustache at the request of Christie's family. With five final episodes, Suchet completes the oeuvre.

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