Ask the Governor

About This Program

Viewers and listeners are invited to share their questions and concerns on a wide variety of issues with Governor Jay Inslee on KCTS 9’s statewide broadcast of Ask the Governor. KCTS 9 has been providing the opportunity for citizens to take part in these conversations with Washington state governors since 1993. The first Ask the Governor aired on February 3, 1993, featuring Governor Mike Lowry. The program is moderated by KCTS 9 veteran broadcast journalist Enrique Cerna.

Have the issues facing Washington state governors changed in 22 years?

To find out, watch the first episode of Ask the Governor with Governor Mike Lowry, which aired on KCTS 9 on February 3, 1993.

Past Featured Governors

Jay Inslee

Took Office: January 16, 2013
Left Office: Incumbent
Party: Democratic
Terms: 1

Ask the Governor - June 25, 2014
Ask the Governor - December 12, 2013
Ask the Governor - April 2, 2013

Christine Gregoire

Took Office: January 12, 2005
Left Office: January 16, 2013
Party: Democratic
Terms: 2

Ask the Governor - December 6, 2012
Ask the Governor - February 21, 2012

Gary Locke

Took Office: January 15, 1997
Left Office: January 12, 2005
Party: Democratic
Terms: 2

Mike Lowry

Took Office: January 13, 1993
Left Office: January 15, 1997
Party: Democratic
Terms: 1

Ask the Governor - February 3, 1993