INNOVATE: Engineering Change

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Innovative approaches are critical to solving today’s energy crisis. There’s no single answer, and lots of teams are looking for creative solutions. This reality/documentary-style program takes viewers behind the scenes of one such effort, introducing a diverse group of scientists and engineers from Verdant Power, a “virtual” company staffed by women and men based in various locations. They have developed turbines that use the power of moving water to generate electricity. If their pilot project in New York City’s East River succeeds, this alternative source of energy could become a commercial venture. But the team members have had their work cut out for them: The powerful river current has broken a number of turbine blades, necessitating their redesign. Viewers are on-site for the installation of a turbine with newly designed blades. Politicians, investors and the media are present for the event, and a lot is at stake; tension mounts. Thrown by an unexpected failure, the team problem-solves into the night and devises a new plan—an effort that pays off when power is successfully generated.

Emmy Award-winning executive producer Helene Lerner, host of INNOVATE: Engineering Change Photo credit: Shonna Valeska
Rob Morrow, co-star of the hit TV series NUMB3RS, weighs in on the importance of developing tomorrow's innovators Photo credit: Robert Voets/CBS
L-R: geospatial analyst Susana Crespo, regulatory liaison Mollie Gardner, geophysicist Hannah Abend Photo credit: Kris Unger/Verdant Power, Inc.
L-R: engineer Jonathan Colby, logistics coordinator Dean Whatmoor, regulatory liaison Molly Gardner, geophysicist Hannah Abend Photo credit: Kris Unger/Verdant Power, Inc.
Workers install a water turbine in New York City's East River Photo credit: Kris Unger/Verdant Power, Inc.
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