Vehicle Emissions - What's In Your Tailpipe?

Vehicle Emissions - What's In Your Tailpipe?
April 2011 in Tacoma and October 2011 in Seattle

Daniel Burgard (University of Puget Sound) talks about what's in your tailpipe, why these gases are of concern and how they differ with different types of vehicles.

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Vehicle Emission is the main cause of environmental pollution. It is because of the carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide emission. We know maximum vehicle can run in diesel fuel. Diesel fuel is the impure fuel than other vehicle fuel and causes maximum air pollution. So now the automobile industry is planning for the clean diesel technology. It will be better for the environment.

I think diesel fuel should be change by other fuel because it cause huge pollution.

We are polluting our environment by using fuel vehicles. Basically, the diesel fuel vehicles are mostly responsible for the environmental pollution. Because diesel is an impure fuel and causing more pollution than petrol. Emission of smog from vehicle while running and smog consist of Carbon Dioxide and Carbon Monoxide causing the air pollution. Use of clean diesel technology might be step towards a healthy environment.


Protecting the nature should be atop priority for the government.It is a fact that air pollution is a major health hazard over the areas where it is generated. The local governments must look at ways and means of controlling it but unfortunately they are helping to create more ways of generating pollution .

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