Next Generation Composite Materials for Cars & Aerospace

Composite Materials
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New Composite Materials for Aerospace

Next Generation Composite Materials for Cars & Aerospace
Jan. 4, 2010 at T.S. McHughs in Seattle

What things are made of is just as important as how they are put together. In the last 100 years, tremendous leaps in technology have been made possible by new materials that are lighter, stronger and more durable. We talked with University of Washington materials scientist Brian Flinn about his research on the development of next generation composite materials for aerospace, cars and more.

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Yes. now-a-days technology is so advanced and it results in better out put. When we read this article we can come to know about the same. As mentioned here with the help of technology now we can get things that are more efficient, lighter, stronger and more durable. This is all because of the technology. So, as we have technology we must have to think of the solutions of our very old issues. Like we have one old issue that is to minimize the pollution of environment from the gas generated from the vehicles when it is running. We have electric cars as its solution but is is not enough so, it is required to find other solutions for it and many more other issues are their which have to be solved.


Outstanding quest there. What occurred after?

Good luck!


The technology and the automobile sector growing in a same proportion in order to achieve the goal deeply. Everyday you can find some new method being introduced in the world that introducing the new demands from customer end and introducing the different labels of highly prominent work. So I think we should appreciate this type of works done by the people and wish to get different updated works in future also.


We love technology a lot because due to this technology we are able to achieve tough to tough task within a short span of time. We have gone a long way ahead in the progress path because of this technology. So, when our cars will implement using more standard and developed technology then we can get more stable and highly application friendly cars. I really get more useful information related to next generation composite materials. A good article with lots of useful information all together.


car and aerospace both are related to each other because both are running in the oil and petrol. So many different composite materials are used in making the aerospace and now a day the composite materials are available for both car as well as the aerospace. It is going on simultaneously and helping people to move on in life. As per my knowledge now the technology developing in a rapid manner that leads to the development of the usefulness of several materials.


Aerospace or aeronautics is now the new generation vehicles (automobiles). And in the production of next generation composite materials we have found the use of car and aerospace materials. I hope these technologies should help to develop automobile structure. This system shows about the development of latest technology and I wish automobile industry adopt these techniques to develop their way of production.

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