Next Generation Composite Materials for Cars & Aerospace

Next Generation Composite Materials for Cars & Aerospace
Jan. 4, 2010 at T.S. McHughs in Seattle

What things are made of is just as important as how they are put together. In the last 100 years, tremendous leaps in technology have been made possible by new materials that are lighter, stronger and more durable. We talked with University of Washington materials scientist Brian Flinn about his research on the development of next generation composite materials for aerospace, cars and more.

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With technology, everything is possible. Indeed it is very essential for our everyday life. It makes our life easier than before. We must also find ways on how to protect technology and not to abuse them. buy facebook likes !!!


Technology makes our life easier. But if it is abused, it can also create war. That would make the world a chaotic place to live in

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