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Distracted Driving
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Distracted Driving: How Technology can Help, not Hinder

Distracted Driving: How Technology can Help, not Hinder
Aug. 9, 2010 at Wilde Rover in Kirkland

Many devices in your car—cell phones, GPS, and MP3 players—can be distractions while driving. Linda Ng Boyle of the University of Washington talks about how new technology can help distracted drivers and keep our roadways safer.

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Most of the accident happens due to distracted driving. Many devices such as cell phones, GPS and MP3 player are the main distractions at the time of driving. So vehicle users should be sincere at the time of driving and try to avoid the use of such devices as far as possible for avoiding accident. Now all are looking for new technology which will help in keeping the distracted drivers safe at the time of driving.


It's very important to use the technology that can help us to accident in road. In this modern age regularly happens the accident only for the cell phones, GPS and others electronic equipment. Thanks


Car accident is a common incident now-a-days and the major cause of car accident is distracted driving. People are not serious about their driving and do not follow traffic rules for which accident happens. Latest devices such as cell phone, MP3 players and GPS distracts the driver at the time of driving so driver should use these devices carefully for avoiding accident.


Distracted driving is very bad for a driver because distracted driving can lead the car to accident. So car driver should concentrate on driving only at the time of driving. Latest devices such as smartphone, MP3 player, and GPS system are the leading devices which distracts the driver so driver should proper handle these devices or avoid totally at the time of driving for safety journey.


A safe drivings needs concentration.If there are so much to divert your focus and attention and life security will be in danger definitely.I am quite agree to this appealing blog which highlights the reasons behind most of the accidents.
Car repairs


Dangerous driving is a very dangerous epidemic, due to this many accidents are happening world wide. Accidents happen when the driver of the vehicle is engaged in different activities. But the most common reason behind the dangerous driving is hanging up over phone. Talking over phone distracts the mind of the driver from driving which leads to accidents, so this should be avoided. Listening loud music also leads to major accidents, this is because listening to music distracts the mind from driving. So basically these things should be avoided and everyone should concentrate and drive, if they wanna reach home safely.


They will undoubtedly be ready to resolve your difficulty.
The reasonable ears and tailless entire body gave his 'look' a new point of view.

I have included video footage below to assistance alleviate your skepticism.


When you begin to learn to drive you will learn all about the controls of a vehicle and the basic checks you need to do before you drive away. Your eyesight must be good enough for you to drive and will be checked before you can ever be allowed to drive independently. Author: Shea Norman.


Distract during driving is one of the most common factor found even more common with human being. Distracting activities like using mobile phones, listening music with loud sound, and drunk during driving. These factors were helpful in distract people during driving; that ultimately increases the risk of fatal errors. So it's better to avoid such types of practices during driving; otherwise we need a perfect repairing center to deal with our car errors after fatal crash.


Distracted traveling is very harmful to a motorist simply because mobile phone traveling may lead the auto to be able to crash. Consequently car motorist must target traveling just during traveling. Latest equipment for example smartphone, Music, and also Global positioning system unit are the leading equipment which in turn distracts the motorist consequently motorist must suitable deal with the product or even stay clear of entirely during traveling pertaining to basic safety journey.

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